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You Can Boil Your Pierogies...
1.  Make sure the water is boiling.
2.  Place frozen pierogies into a boiling water.
3.  Boil on high until the pierogies float to the top.
4.  Reduce heat to a minimum & continue boiling for
     another 30 seconds.  Remove and serve with your
     favourite topping(s).


...Or You Can Fry Your Pierogies

1.  Heat about a cup of oil in the pan on medium/low.

2.  Place frozen & dry pierogies gently into a slightly

     heated oil.

3.  Bring the heat to medium.

4.  Fry each side to crispy gold colour .

5.  Serve with your favourite topping(s).


  • Top with sour cream with chives or parsley.

  • Top with fried bacon bits, caramelized onion & mushroom.

  • Melt cheese on top.

  • Top with chili, sour cream and green onions.

  • Serve like nachos by topping with seasoned ground beef, sour cream, cheese, salsa, and olives.

  • Make lasagna with pierogi layers.

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