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You Can Boil Our Pierogi ...
1.  Make sure the water is boiling.
2.  Place frozen pierogies into boiling water.
3.  Boil on high until the pierogi float to the top.
4.  Reduce heat to a minimum & continue boiling for
     another 30 seconds.  Remove and serve with your
     favourite topping(s).

... Or You Can Fry Our Pierogi
1.  Heat about a cup of oil in the pan on medium/low.
2.  Place frozen & dry pierogi gently into a slightly
     heated oil.
3.  Bring the heat to medium.
4.  Fry each side to crispy gold colour .

5.  Serve with your favourite topping(s).



"Savor our Pierogi Wrapped in Bacon—an irresistible blend of savory bacon and pillowy dumplings. Experience a symphony of flavors and textures in this easy-to-make, must-try recipe, perfect for any occasion. Elevate your culinary delight today!"


Indulge in comfort with Pierogi in a Soup—a heartwarming blend of rich broth and tender dumplings. Each spoonful delivers a burst of satisfaction, perfect for chilly days or whenever you need pure culinary comfort. Let this nourishing dish whisk you away to a place of pure bliss.


Transform your dining affair with Pierogi, the star of an exquisite presentation. Picture a platter adorned with perfectly cooked dumplings, each a culinary work of art. Complemented by a symphony of flavors and textures, this elevated take on a classic dish adds refinement to any occasion, leaving guests captivated.


Upgrade your gathering with Pierogi—perfect finger food that disappears in a flash! These bite-sized wonders burst with flavor, ideal for any event. Topped with sour cream, herbs, or paired with delightful dips, they're a crowd-pleasing joy, perfect for mingling and sharing delicious moments.


Party planning made easy! A Pierogi Buffet offers a variety of flavorful options for all tastes. Let guests create their perfect plate with fillings and toppings, ensuring a stress-free and delicious celebration centerpiece.

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